Serve Team

Go therefore and make disciples...

Serving God. Serving Others.

NOW is the time for you to find your destiny! We want to help you find a place to reach your full potential as a follower of Christ. Our Serve Team is a group of incredible people that have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them.

By serving with one of our Serve Teams, you are joining with us in reaching people with the life-giving message of Jesus, that each person might fulfill the purpose for which God created them. We look forward to seeing all that God is going to do through you as you grow in your relationship with Him and connect with the community of Cornerstone. 

First Impressions

This team makes one of the largest impacts on first-time guests by fostering the atmosphere of acceptance and love in the Church. This can be done through a warm greeting, a friendly smile, or a helpful interaction.

Greeting Team
This team's purpose is to provide a warm and friendly welcome for our guests by providing a smile, an encouraging hello, and helping guests to feel at home.

Info Central Team
This team is to make themselves available to all members and guests to answer any questions concerning the service or upcoming events. This team also provides directions to new guests.

Cornerstone Coffee Team
This team serves the Cornerstone family and guests by providing great-tasting coffee and snacks with an uplifting "Glad you're here!"

Hospitality Team
This team blesses our own Serve Team by preparing our Serve Team Lounge every Sunday and hosting our teams. They serve food and refreshments to our team of volunteers.

Ushers Team
This team's main responsibilities include monitoring Sanctuary doors, assisting guests and members to find a seat, and collect offering.

Security Team
This team is vitally important to the safety of our volunteers and guests!
**Volunteers with the security team are required to pass a background check prior to serving.**


This team's purpose is to reach the lost and hurting by inviting them into God's house where they can feel the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ.

This team is involved in countless ministries with a focus on bringing God's love to our communities and world.

Food Distribution  (Manna House) Team
This team serves by unpacking, sorting, preparing, and food distribution each month. This team utilizes 55-65 volunteers each month.

This team seeks to make an impact in our community through service projects throughout the year and during our annual Communitywide Serve Day Project. 

Tech Arts

The Tech Arts Team consists of Lighting, Projection, Cameras, Directing, and Photography.

Lighting Team
This team enhances the atmosphere of the service by the addition of lights within the Sanctuary.

Projection Team
This team is responsible for providing visual elements for the Sanctuary screens. This includes lyrics, text, videos, and graphics.

Camera Operation Team
Camera operators capture all aspects of the service to be shown on the projection screens. From Worship and throughout Pastor’s message, these servant-leaders work directly with the camera director to get the best camera shots possible.

Camera Direction Team
The camera director oversees and gives direction to the camera operators as to what kind of shots they need to have. This position has control over what is being shown on the projection screen. Along with working directly with camera operators, the director will also communicate closely with the projection servant-leader.

Tech Director
The tech director oversees all aspects of the media team during a Sunday service. They help keep all positions on task, assisting in any way possible. This is a leadership position, whose primary job is to assist the team and keep morale high. The position requires the servant-leader to be fluent in all equipment and roles.

Photography Team
The photography team captures all aspects of Sunday morning through the camera lens. From the time they arrive until the close of service, this team works to preserve pieces of the worship experience.

Online Host
The online host oversees all aspects of our online service during our live event. This position includes welcoming guests, responding to prayer requests, and offering ways to connect with Cornerstone, both online or in person.


This team works to create an atmosphere of worship that will literally change lives. While we seek to provide music with excellence, the ultimate goal is to draw one closer to Jesus Christ.

Our worship team consists of highly committed Serve Team servant-leaders that have a passion to serve through music.

Care and Follow Up

This team looks to provide the love, acceptance, friendliness and compassion to the first-time guests and to all who come through the church doors with the purpose of assimilating them into the life and ministry of the church.

This team of trained intercessors covers the weekend service in prayer, preparing the way for the Lord. 

Family Life

This team creates an environment where children are consistently exposed to the love of Jesus. They intentionally invest in the lives of our children through worship, videos, skits, small groups, games and more.

Cornerstone Kids Team
We have many opportunities to serve with our children ages 0-11. Nursery leaders, teachers, monitors, tech, lambslist, and student team.
**Volunteers for this team are required to pass a background check prior to serving.**

Cornerstone Student Ministries Team
Join the team that is building the next generation, one dynamic worship experience, relevant Small Groups, impactful retreats, and life-changing mission trips at a time.
Interested in serving? We'd love to hear from you.